Bamboo Series AT Electric Skateboard

Bamboo & Rubber meet the road with the Evolve Bamboo Series A/T. 

Our low-slung, short-range carving commuter packs 350 watts (700 watt max output) of instant-on torque power over tough-terrain, questionable pavement and down the backroads you ve always wanted to explore but never thought possible on an e-board. 

Super-light MBS rubber tyres in tandem with an ultra-low profile battery case lends superior clearance over most terrain.

The custom-built, W-Concave deck helps you defy gravity. Dial-in the Super-Carve trucks to perfection and carve the endless wave. 

Ideal for those that love the cruisey look of a bamboo deck or anyone looking for a quality and high performance entry level Evolve board that covers all situations.

Replete with regenerative braking the Bamboo Series A/T will give you the ride of your life!

To convert the A/T to the Street setup a conversion kit can be purchased at a later date for $225 plus shipping. Please email us for more info.

The Evolve Skateboards App is now available! Track your rides, gauge your battery, discover local riders and tracks with the official Evolve Skateboards app. 

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