Carbon Series All Terrain Electric Skateboard

The road less traveled is your new destination! Evolve’s Carbon Series All-Terrain extends your carve-session to paths, trails and roads unknown. Uncertain road conditions — that’s where the A/T lives.

Easily swap out your MBS wheels and rims, then rip into dirt, grass or unruly pavement. No limits! Nearly silent, a 350 watt (700 watt max output) brushless electric motor offers incredible torque and assists with smooth, controllable (ABS) braking.

Ultra-Light at just 10kg/23lbs, the Carbon A/T is truly unrivaled. Grab it with one hand or stash it in an Evolve sling bag. With regenerative braking and a charge time of 4-5hrs (the quick charger is  available as an upgrade for those who want two hours or less), this allows to get back on the trail faster.

The Carbon All-Terrain screams: Take the long way home!

To convert the All Terrain to the Street setup a conversion kit can be purchased at a later date for $225 plus shipping.  Please email us for more info.

The Evolve Skateboards App is now available! Track your rides, gauge your battery, discover local riders and tracks with the official Evolve Skateboards app. 

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